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For the Public: Is My Physician Certified?

Our board certified ABMGG diplomates are highly skilled, knowledgeable experts in their field. Certification represents voluntary commitment professionalism, quality patient care, and to advance their expertise beyond state or institutional requirements. Find out if your doctor is board certified at

For Diplomates and Credentialers: Official Letter of Verification

ABMGG verifies whether an individual is board certified. The board can provide information on the status of a certification to diplomates and third-party requesters. Complete the form below to request an official letter of verification for:

  • Medical Geneticists/Genomicists
  • Genetic Counselors certified PRIOR TO 1991
Request Official Letter of Verification

NOTE: ABMGG certified diplomates may request a letter of verification at no charge. There is a $125 fee for third party requesters.