1. What is longitudinal assessment?
    • Longitudinal assessment is a method that has shown to enhance information retention and facilitate new learning. The user completes shorter, more frequent assessments with spaced repetition (seeing similar questions repeated periodically). It can be likened to quizzing, identifying your knowledge gaps and learning new material, then re-quizzing a little while later to see if you’ve retained or learned the information.
    • Research on this method has shown that the act of quizzing and re-quizzing over time actually improves learning and memory retention better than other study methods, such as reading a text or studying flashcards.
  2. How do I register for the CertLink longitudinal assessment program?
    • All diplomates are automatically enrolled in the longitudinal assessment program upon achieving certification.
  3. How will I be assessed?
    • The longitudinal assessment program’s performance standard is determined after a four-year assessment period; however, you can view your general performance in real-time on your CertLink dashboard.
  4. What if I don’t meet the performance standard?
    • Any diplomate not meeting the performance standard after 4 years of assessment (you’ll know far in advance if you are not performing satisfactorily) will be granted an opportunity to remediate to maintain certification. Remediation plans are being finalized for the Summer 2024 season.
    • Based on the experience of other boards, the ABMGG anticipates that most cases of not meeting the assessment will be the result of non-compliance, not performance issues. However, be assured that we will give you performance feedback and suggestions for learning and remediation along the way. Our goal is that all diplomates will be participating and learning using the platform, and as long as you’re improving, not meeting the standard is unlikely.
  5. Is it customized to my speciality?
    • Before starting your assessment, you’ll be able to “design your assessment based on your specialty area(s) in order to customize content.
  6. How should I study?
    • ABMGG is not recommending specific ways to study for the assessment. When you access the platform, you have the option to view content areas and answer questions specific to each one. As the assessment progresses, you will have the opportunity to apply what you learned in the critiques and references of the previously answered items. You may use references while answering questions, but you cannot consult a colleague.
  7. Is there a fee to participate?
    • The longitudinal assessment program is covered in the annual continuing certification fee.
  8. Can diplomates with non-time limited certification participate?
    • Yes! We believe longitudinal assessment has benefits for all diplomates, and we encourage diplomates not currently participating in Continuing Certification to consider participating in CertLink.


For technical issues, general feedback about the platform, or inquries:

  • Send an email to ABMGG@mycertlink.org or create a support ticket from the “Need Help?” menu in CertLink
  • Be sure to include as much detail as you can about your browser, device, operating system, work or personal network, and what happened before and after the issue for technical troubles.