The ABMGG offers certification exams every year. The next offering will be August 11-14, 2025. The policies, fees, and procedures described apply to all aspects of the ABMGG examinations for this offering. Since the polices and procedures of the Board evolve over time, candidates must comply with those in effect at the time of their application.

Review all sections to learn more about the credentialing and examination process.

Candidate Responsibility

The process of certification by the ABMGG is voluntary. The ABMGG does not assume responsibility to contact potential candidates. Rather, each candidate is responsible for completing the application, ensuring submission of required materials, and paying appropriate fees. After applying, it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform the ABMGG of any changes in email or other contact information by updating their profile in the ABMGG portal.

If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please contact the administrative office at