Arriving at the Test Center

Plan to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes prior to your exam start time.

What to Bring

Identification: At check-in, Pearson VUE staff will ask you to present two forms of identification (ID), including at least one government-issued ID with your signature and a recent photograph. The other form of ID must include your signature.

Please note: The name that is listed on both forms of ID must match the name used while applying to the ABMGG.

Personal Belongings: Pearson VUE will provide you with a locker where you can store your personal belongings. Keep in mind that the test center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced personal items.

Certain items are not allowed into the Pearson VUE building and must be left at home or in your vehicle. These include textbooks, study guides, notes, etc.

Check-in and Security Procedures May Include

In order to protect exam security and ensure a fair experience to all candidates, Pearson VUE employs several security measures. Procedures include:

  • ID Check: Pearson VUE staff will ask for your two forms of identification.
  • Signature: Proof of your understanding and acceptance of ABMGG’s rules.
  • Palm Vein Scan: Used for security and identity verification if you leave and return to the testing room.
  • Security Check: Follow all security requirements. You may be asked to turn your pockets out to ensure that no prohibited items are being carried into the testing room.
  • Audio and video monitoring: The room may be equipped with audio and video monitoring.
  • Locker: If you have personal items to store, you will be assigned a locker outside the testing area. You will have access to your locker only before and after the examination and during breaks.
  • Erasable Whiteboard: Before entering the room, you will be provided with an erasable whiteboard and marker for use during the exam. You may not remove the whiteboard from the testing room at any time during the exam and you must turn it in during breaks and after the exam is over. The whiteboard will be erased during scheduled and unscheduled breaks.
  • Workstation: Staff will log you into your assigned computer workstations and verify your exam.
  • Tutorial: Before your exam begins, you will go through a self-paced computerized tutorial to become familiar with the exam format and procedures for completing the exam. Time spent on the tutorial is not deducted from the time allotted for the exam; the system allows for up to 15 minutes to complete the tutorial.