Examinees who pass the general examination and at least one specialty examination will become diplomates of the ABMGG. Certificates will be mailed to diplomates within three months of scores being released. This information becomes public information and is listed and in the official ABMS Directory of Board-Certified Medical Specialists and in other authorized ABMS publications.

The certificate will be maintained as long as diplomates actively participate in and meet the requirements of the ABMGG’s Continuing Certification Program. Certification is a voluntary process by which the ABMGG grants recognition to examinees who have met predetermined qualifications specified by the ABMGG. Certification and the certificate recognize those examinees who have successfully completed the Board’s educational requirements and demonstrated their skills and abilities at the time of evaluation. Certification is not a guarantee of the competence of the geneticist.

Revocation of ABMGG Certificates

Any certificate issued by the ABMGG shall be subject to revocation at any time should the ABMGG determine in its sole judgment that a candidate who has received a certificate was in some respect not properly qualified to have received it or is in some respect not properly qualified to retain it.

Participation in Continuing Certification Program

The Board began issuing time-limited certificates in 1993. All diplomates with time-limited certificates are required to continuously meet all the requirements of the ABMGG Continuing Certification program or certification can be revoked. Participation in the program begins as soon as certification is granted, and newly certified diplomates are automatically enrolled. Program requirements are described under Continuing Certification.


Upon receiving the results of the examination, applicants are no longer considered active candidates. The applicant is either a certified diplomate of the ABMGG or holds no status with the ABMGG. An applicant must reapply to regain Active Candidate Status.

Upon receiving passing scores on both the general examination and at least one specialty examination, the applicant becomes board certified and is granted the title, “Diplomate” of the ABMGG.

All diplomates may apply to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) to become a Fellow of the ACMG. Those accepted by the ACMG as Fellows (and only then), may use the abbreviation “FACMG” (Fellow, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics), after their name.

Guidelines for Stating Certification Status can be found here.