The ABMGG strongly encourages all diplomates, regardless of year of initial certification, to actively participate in Continuing Certification. However, diplomates with non-time limited certificates (certified prior to 1993) are not required to participate in the program in order to maintain their diplomate status. Those with non-time limited certificates who choose not to participate will be listed in the ABMGG Portal and ABMS’s Certification Matters website as board certified with a Continuing Certification status of “Not Required”.

Non-time limited certificate holders who choose to participate in the Continuing Certification program and do not keep up with the requirements will not lose their lifetime certification but will be listed as “Not Meeting Requirements” with ABMGG and ABMS.

Note: All program directors, members of the ABMGG Board of Directors and committees, and other volunteers are required to participate in and meet the requirements of the Continuing Certification program, regardless of their certificate status.

To learn more and enroll in the Continuing Certification program, contact the ABMGG at

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