Professionalism and Professional Standing

The Professionalism component of the Continuing Certification program consists of the following three activities:

1) Sign the Professionalism Agreement

The ABMGG expects that every diplomate conducts themselves according to the guidelines set forth in the professional agreement.

Click on the “Professionalism Agreement” button on your dashboard. Digitally sign the document after reading carefully to complete the requirement.

2) Complete the Self-Attestation

Click on the “Self-Attestation” button on your dashboard. Complete the form directly in the portal annually.

NOTE: The self-attestation form has transitioned from a once-every-three-year-cycle to an annual requirement.

3) Submit your license OR Confidential Attestation of Professional Conduct

Clinical Geneticists:

All diplomates in Clinical Genetics and Genomics must hold a current, unrestricted license to practice medicine in at least one jurisdiction in the United States, its territories or Canada. Diplomates are required to notify the ABMGG of any final action against their medical license in any jurisdiction.

Click the “license” button on your dashboard to upload a scanned image of your current medical license [registration card].

Laboratory Specialists:

Diplomates in the laboratory specialties who do not hold a medical license must complete a Confidential Attestation of Professional Conduct (CAPC) signed by a departmental chair, human resources director, a peer of equal standing, or a high-level administrator, at specified time intervals as proof of the diplomate’s integrity.

NOTE: For those diplomates who have a clinical laboratory scientist license from their state (CA, FL, NY, TN), a copy of the current license may be uploaded instead of a CAPC. This is an individual’s license, NOT a laboratory license.

Click the “CAPC” button on your dashboard to send a digital attestation form directly to your signatory from the portal.

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